Drug and Alcohol Rehab in South Bend, Indiana
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icon-5When you are ready to address your addiction with residential substance abuse treatment, you need to find a facility with care, commitment and experience during this challenging period in your life. You will need to focus on how you can overcome your addiction and begin a clean and sober lifestyle after you re-enter society, reunite with your family and return to your job. Our welcoming staff and comfortable facility will help make your stay as pleasant as possible. We will provide you with new tools to help you successfully make the transition from our facility back into the community.

Individualized Recovery Programs

Every person is a unique individual with a variety of needs, strengths and weaknesses. We all learn differently and have different communication styles. One-on-one counseling works well for clients who are hesitant to share in a group setting. Others can more effectively relate to the dynamics and interactive communication in group counseling. In either case, we discuss your treatment program with you so that you decide how your experience at our facility will look. We provide professional and medical input into your decision and make informed recommendations in order to help you be successful during your stay. No matter the method you choose, our desire is to see you succeed in your recovery.

Substance Abuse Workshop Choices

Your past efforts to overcome your addiction on your own have failed. You need the support of our trained staff so that you do not have to battle addiction on your own. Look no further for your treatment needs. While there are different types of treatment, recovery from substance abuse is best accomplished through the strength in numbers. We will share our experience with you so that you can conquer your substance abuse issues. We offer non-traditional treatment via different workshops and classes that apply to you. We allow you to select personal options that will meet your needs. By giving you choices, we believe you will have a greater opportunity for success as you move into recovery.

Beginning Your Journey

As the saying goes, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Are you ready to take the first step? The choice is yours to begin a new life today. If you are ready, call our office to discuss alternatives with us. We are waiting for you with the information, resources and facts you need before you take that first step on the road to recovery. With a variety of choices and customized options, we can tailor-make a plan for you. Delays or putting off treatment can be costly to your health. Do not let past attempts at outpatient or in-patient treatment hold you back. Those efforts may have laid the foundation for new steps toward success. Many successful people failed at their initial attempts at all types of things, including Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, Michael Jordan and Oprah Winfrey. You will succeed if you are determined to move forward! We are here to support you so that you can fulfill your goals and dreams without the baggage of addiction. Take the first step toward a promising life by calling us today.