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About Choices Recovery

Anyone struggling with drug or alcohol addiction has most likely already realized that the situation is not going to get better on it’s own. The addicted individual must now make the decision to seek treatment.

Many people are unaware of the wide array of choices available in addiction treatment today. Making the right choice can mean a lifetime of freedom from addiction, whereas, the wrong choice could mean failure and possibly overdose or death. How does an addict or their loved ones know which treatment program is best suited for their specific needs? At Choices Recovery we can help sort out the different options and recommend a program that is customized to address the person’s unique situation.

At Choices Recovery, we realize that effective treatment is only achieved through working closely with each person as an individual. Each client has suffered their own circumstances relative to the addiction, therefore, a customized treatment program is of utmost importance to ensure that each aspect of the addiction has been resolved.

Some of the program options we utilize in these customized programs include:

  • Holistic Addiction Recovery
  • Traditional Addiction Recovery
  • Short-Term Inpatient Recovery
  • Long-Term Inpatient Recovery
  • Intenstive Outpatient Recovery

Within those programs, clients benefit from a variety of modalities in an open-ended program. Some of those choices include the following:

  • A supportive, comfortable, safe environment.
  • Detoxification to overcome the chronic effects of drugs or alcohol.
  • Behavioral therapies to improve self-worth and teach better communication skills.
  • Religious or non-religious approaches to therapy.
  • Assistance with legal, social, or vocational issues.
  • Aftercare programs for continued support and guidance.

The goal of our program is to get the individual free from the physical effects of addiction while also providing the training and skills for making better choices in the future. Addiction began with bad choices, but it can end with Choices Recovery.