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Addiction Rates in Indiana

Indiana is currently struggling with a prescription drug and heroin addiction epidemic. Ranked 17th overall in the United States for highest drug overdose fatalities at 14.4 for every 100,000 people, health officials and addiction specialists have been spending years trying to figure out the main cause behind such high drug usage rates in Indiana.

Current Indiana Drug Addiction Statistics

Indiana has been at the center of the War on Drugs for the past 8 years. The overdose rate has quadrupled from 1999 to 2010, one of the largest overdose increases in the United States.

Lab Seizures- According to statistics from the federal government, the amount of meth lab seizures increased by more than 53 percent from 803 seizures in 2007 to 1,231 seizures in 2009.

Indiana Population Drug Usage- For the past five years, 9 percent of Indiana citizens reported using heroin, meth or similar illicit drugs at least once a month. This number is at least 1 percent over the national average.

Addiction Rates in Indiana- In 2010, a White House report showed that the number of users who were being treated for cocaine use was just above 1,000 while the number of those who were hospitalized for heroin use was right below 1,000. Other drugs, including marijuana and prescription drugs that were being taken illegally accounted for nearly 10,000 of those who visited a hospital or clinic because of an addiction problem.

Addiction in Indianapolis- Similar to other parts of Indiana, Indianapolis is playing catch up with a two year old spike in heroin and meth use by drug addicts who used to favor Oxycontin, Percocet and Codeine. In 2013, 740 people suffered from overdoses, while 110 of those individuals died before paramedics had time to administer naloxone, a power drug antidote that works almost instantaneously.

Connersville, Indiana: A Highlighted Example of Indiana’s Addiction Problem

A recent report has highlighted the growing heroin addiction problem in Indiana.

Connersville, a town located in central Indiana, dealt with 20 overdosed individuals in a span of 21 days and five deaths that were drug related. The police chief of the town blames much of the issues with drug dealers and traffickers who pass through town on a regular basis.

Small towns like this in Indiana often experience high rates of hard drug use because dealers choose to pass through when law enforcement is cracking down in surrounding major metropolitan areas.

What is the Root Cause Behind These Addiction Numbers?

In recent years, many drug addicts used Oxycontin, a prescription drug that causes severe mind alterations. Recently, due to an increase in government oversight into the amount of prescription drugs that can be produced by manufacturers (similar to issues surrounding Adderall), dealers are hiking up the price for their prescription products.

Now, because most addicts can’t afford to pay $80 for Oxycontin, they turn to cheaper drugs such as heroin and meth. These types of drugs can often be purchased for as little as $3 per bag, depending on the size of the bag and quality of the product.

The change in supply and demand has created more dealers and increased the amount of users who are between the ages of 12 and 17 by as much as 80 percent since 2002.

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