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Addiction to a killer substance

Black, tar, junk, Brown crystal, and Hero are just a few of the street names given to the illegal substance known as heroin. Heroin was created in the early 1900’s as a way to help individuals come clean from their addictions to morphine. It was supposed to be a non-addictive pain remedy, but what creators got after allowing the public to use it was an epidemic of people becoming addicted to this new “miracle” drug. Once heroin enters into a person’s system it becomes 100 times more potent than morphine causing that person to form an addiction even after the first time using the substance. This addiction quickly diminishes that individuals overall health. At first, he or she will become so consumed with the fact that they have a substantial amount of energy increase and that they experience an intense euphoric feeling known as a rush as soon as they consume the heroin.

After a few short weeks of continuous heroin usage that individual will have formed an addiction that will take months even years to overcome. Because of the rush that is experienced, that person will strive to obtain that same feeling that they did the first time they got high, but after continuous usage their body and mind become used to the heroin and they develop a high tolerance. This tolerance will lead to increasing the amounts of heroin that they consume into their system which over time will lead to a higher chance of fatal side effects. Regularly using heroin leads to kidney disease or failure, liver disease or failure, infections to the heart valves and heart lining, high blood pressure which can lead to stroke or death, long term memory loss, short term memory loss, abscesses, permanent scarring from using needles for injecting heroin, lack of hygiene upkeep and vein collapse.

Safe to use once?

A common misconception about any drug is that people think that they can use it once and never again. With heroin, using once is one time too many. As soon as heroin enters into the blood stream that individual will show signs of usage that include nausea, vomiting, skin flushing, short term memory loss, inability to concentrate, and euphoria. As harmless as these effects seem, while under the influence an individual can perform acts that they are completely unaware of. There are numerous cases of people causing others harm while using heroin and now they are spending time in jail because of those acts. In addition, that individual will have an increase in heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature while using heroin that can potentially trigger a heart attack, stroke, and death. As you can see, if you think that it is safe to use heroin, even once, you are absolutely mistaken. All you will manage to do is to set yourself up for failure from the beginning.

Is my family member addicted?

Whether you think that your child, parent, spouse or cousin is using heroin you always need to be aware of the signs to look for in order to avoid any possible life threatening problems that will occur after that person continues to use without your help. Regardless if that person has been using for one week or one year, they will have similar side effects that can include:

  • Using you as a way to obtain money for drugs
  • Loss of concern for others and their well-being
  • Inability to remain on task at school or at work
  • Appearing sleepy or under the weather for no reason
  • Bruising, scarring, or marks on his or her arms hands or legs where they can penetrate a needle into a vein
  • Mood changes such as mania, depression or extreme happiness at within hours of each other
  • Changes in his or her social scene. They may have begun to go out more and stay out later than usual with a new group of friends that may be using heroin as well

Getting help

If your loved one is showing several of the signs of heroin addiction mentioned above, you should consider that to be a sign that you need to help them get help. Addiction in any form can be deadly, but heroin addiction poses all sorts of threats that other addictions do not. For more information about heroin or to get help today, call now.