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Inpatient Addiction Centers Offer Help for Addicts

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration found that more than 23 million people in the United States entered drug rehab programs as a way to recover from their addictions in a single year. This figure includes both those seeking help for an addiction to a prescription drug and those who sought help for an addiction to an illegal drug like cocaine. Whether you have an addiction or worry that a loved one has an addiction, you likely feel a little helpless and worried about what you can do. Inpatient treatment centers offer help for those who are struggling.


What is Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction refers to a medical condition that makes it difficult or nearly impossible for an individual to stop using drugs. Using substances allows your brain to grow dependent on those drugs and/or alcohol. The more you use the substance, the more your body develops a tolerance to the drug. This means that you must take more and more to feel the same euphoric high that you did in the past. Changing the way your brain responds to the substance is one way to treat the condition. An addiction center will work with you to change your body’s responses.


What are Some of the Common Signs of Addiction?


The most common sign of addiction is that you feel an overwhelming need to continue using that substance. Those cravings make make it impossible for you to live your life because you cannot stop thinking about your drug of choice. Those addicted to prescription drugs may do something that experts call doctor shopping. They visit multiple doctors to receive prescriptions for those drugs after other doctors denied their requests. Other signs of addiction may include:

  • changes in personality
  • changes in behavior
  • personal hygiene changes
  • loss of interest in favorite activities
  • lying, cheating or stealing to get drugs
  • hiding drug usage from loved ones


Withdrawal from Drugs


The first few hours and days after you stop using drugs is what medical professionals refer to as the withdrawal process. As your body slowly adjusts to the lack of that substance in your system, it may react in different ways. Many addicts find that they experience lightheaded thoughts, have trouble concentrating, feel nauseous, notice changes in their bowel movements and even begin vomiting. An  can help you safely go through the withdrawal process and help you relax and rest until you begin treating your addiction.


Inpatient Treatment


One of the more common ways of treating those addicted to different substances is with inpatient treatment. This provides the addicts with professionals who will essentially hold their hands and help guide them through the recovery process. You may remain in the center for several days or decide to stick around for 28 days or longer. The programs involve different types of counseling and programs that teach you stress management techniques and coping mechanisms. Attending the right addiction center lets you learn how to break free from drugs and live a happy life.

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