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The Different Types of Prescription Drug Abuse

The biggest problem drugs in the world today are prescription medications. Not only do we hear the tragic stories of celebrities passing away from prescription drug overdoses, but these medications are the leading causes of overdoses in the world today. Each year, more and more people are becoming addicted to narcotic medications, and some of them are icon-6starting at a younger age than ever before.

The reason why people are becoming addicted to medications is because they’re easily accessible. Whether the person is prescribed the medication by a doctor or psychologist or they’re able to get the medications from friends and family members, they’re almost as easy to get as it is to obtain alcohol. There are a variety of different medications that are commonly abused and can lead to a potentially fatal addiction.

Addictive Anti-Anxiety Medications

Anti-anxiety medications, which are also known as benzodiazepines, are a form of tranquilizer that calms the person and allows them to feel some relief from their stresses and fears. These medications are often prescribed in the form of Xanax or Valium. People who are addicted to downers find that they enjoy the effects of benzodiazepines.

Addictive Hyperactive Disorder Medications

Those who suffer from ADD or ADHD are typically prescribed a medication called Adderall. This medication helps the person focus, so it’s often prescribed to teenagers and college students. The problem is that it’s an upper that’s often abused. People begin using this medication as a way to drink alcohol longer or stay up all night. It’s also a gateway drug for harder drugs like cocaine and meth.

Addictive Pain Medications

Opiates are the main medications that people become addicted to. They’re prescribed by doctors when a person is injured or has chronic pain. The medication is meant to block the pain receptors in the person’s brain, but it also gives off a euphoric feeling. Many people who have problems with alcohol will switch to pain medications because they have a similar effect, but they don’t cause a hangover, and they can be taken more discreetly.

The other risk of becoming addicted to pain medications is that they’re a gateway drug for heroin. Many heroin addicts never planned on ever trying the drug, but they were once addicted to pain medications. When a person is going through withdrawal or unable to purchase pain medications illegally to feed their addiction, they’re much more likely to try heroin, which is a cheaper more potent opiate.

Recovering from Prescription Medication Addiction

Through rehabilitation treatment, a person will learn how to overcome their addiction. Many people often justify and rationalize their prescription drug addiction because they have legitimate mental or physical ailments that need to be treated. In rehab, they’ll learn how to manage these issues in ways that don’t involve narcotic medications. This can be done through holistic treatment methods or non-narcotic medications that do the same thing as their old medications. They’ll begin to see that their addiction was amplifying their pain or mental health symptoms, and there are better ways to treat them.

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