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Detox: Life-Changing and Life-Saving

Rehab Can Be The Beginning Of Your Drug-Free LifestyleThe brain of an addict is not a rational mind. The brain of an addict wants its drug of choice more than anything. It has grown accustomed to the high (or low) that it provides. Being without its drug forces the brain to find some other way to cope. Whatever stresses or anxieties led the addict to seek out the drug, the brain must find an alternative way to redirect these feelings. Once the brain does things a certain way for a long time, it gets into the groove of doing them that way. We call it a habit. Even driving to work a certain way is a habit. Go a different way and the brain has to learn the new way. The brain likes to do things it already knows. Doing things differently is uncomfortable for our brains. Add in the excitement, endorphins, and all of the other brain chemicals that are tied to the drug, and a drug or alcohol habit is clearly even harder to break.

Detox is the First Thing an Addict Needs

Even if an addict wanted to stop, if he or she is using a drug (or a quantity of drug) that will create severe withdrawal symptoms, the first thing an addict needs is detox. This will free the user from the physical and psychological effects of ceasing the use of the drug. He or she can then focus on the things they need to do as part of their rehab. They can learn more about their addiction and learn coping skills to deal with the stresses that led the addict to use. With these new skills and the structure of a program designed to help them get over their addiction, they can defeat the addiction. Then they can get back to their lives with new skills that will give them new opportunities to make choices that, instead of hurting them and miring them into addiction, will lead them to a better way of living.

Seeking Inpatient Therapy

Self-treatment and self-detox almost never work. It is important to seek inpatient therapy, which offers many benefits:

  • Breaks the cycle of dependence by removing the addict from his normal life, of which using drugs or alcohol are a part. The addict can learn life skills that can counteract the stresses that led the addict to use when they are back out in the real world.
  • Creates a structured environment for the addict and makes his or her recovery the primary focus; outpatient therapy does not offer the same structure and allows the addict to focus on other things a large part of the time.
  • Inpatient programs are highly focused on emotionally supporting the addict helping the addict get through treatment from a whole body perspective. Outpatient programs are more concerned about convenience and accommodating an addict’s other responsibilities.

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